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PLYMAZIA helps you obtain cost-advantaged board materials and new marketing strategies. With over 30 years of deep experience in the industry, spanning two generations, PLYMAZIA enables you to gain multidimensional market competitiveness and higher profits.

Custom specification service

For special applications, we provide various customized OEM services.

Fully automatic factory

Through our modern manufacturing services, we reduce your costs, speed up your plywood to the market, and help you gain a competitive edge.

Cost advantage of industrial belt

The factory is distributed in China's largest plywood industry belt, and various costs and personalized customs needs are realized here and the cost advantage is prominent.

Precision delivery & after-sales

Your order will be decomposed to various production lines, what time and what types will be accurately controlled. Service throughout the entire lifespan of your product

Hot Products

Plymazia offers a wide selection of Wholesale Hardwood Plywood, MDF, Marine Plywood, Fire Rated Products, Environmentally Friendly FSC, and No Added Formaldehyde sheet goods, Hardboard, Particleboard, Melamine and much more ! 

Film Faced Plywood
Superior Red Film Faced Plywood
Marine Plywood
Melamine Faced Plywood
Commecical Plywood
Blockboard For Furniture
Birch Plywood
UV MDF/plywood/Particle Board
Softwood Plywood
UV Poplar Plywood
HPL Fireproof Board
MDO Plywood
Plain MDF
Green Water MDF
MDF / Semi-Hardboards
Melamine MDF
Melamine Particle Board
Particle Board for furniture
Fire Resistant MDF

Wide Custom Options
For Your Unique Plywood Aplications​

Wide Custom Options

In the application field, there may be specific requirements, and we provide you with special and extensive customization options for sheet materials

For Example

different specifications, thicknesses, densities, load-bearing performance, specific veneers, substrates, or the need to find cost-effective alternative products can be directly communicated to us


We offer options of different specifications to ensure that you can accurately customize your products.

  • Thickness 5-18mm
  • Density: low density, medium density, high density
  • Load-bearing performance: low-high
  • Number of layers: 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10
  • Hardness: low-high

Base material

Our customized solutions to produce plywood with different substrates to help ensure that they suit the products you need.

  • Plywood substrate: Poplar, pine, birch, eucalyptus
  • OSB substrate: Poplar, pine, eucalyptus
  • Block board: Poplar, pine, eucalyptus, Chinese fir


You have a wide range of color options to consider which will help you better position yourself in the market and bring in some unique pieces.

  • Thousands of finishes are available
  • There are many kinds of molds for texture: matte, highlight, skin feel, bump texture, etc


We are well aware that cost and quality are the core factors that OEM needs to balance most:

  • Industrial output standard of automation equipment.
  • Strict SOP production tracking
  • Advantages of industrial belt to control the cost of raw materials
  • 30 years of experience in cost control and process control


You can also contact us directly for special application scenarios.

  • Compression resistance
  • Waterproof
  • Fire prevention

Sourcing plywood & eco-friendly board materials from Plymazia

For your costs and profits

In market competition, competition can greatly reduce your profits. Therefore, either we support you with lower prices, or we break through the competition with differentiated new products. 

  • Combine labor cost and process standardization to output to wholesalers at a lower price.
  • Continuous innovation.
    All new products must win in the Chinese competition and then be copied to our wholesalers.

For your quality

  • In the industry, we have accumulated and selected a number of raw material suppliers, which can trace and control the output of high-quality materials.
  • SOP management and production system standardization output.

For your delivery & after sales

  • < 1000 sheets for 10-15 days
    > 1000 tickets for 20-25 days
  • Service throughout the entire lifespan of your product.From confirming samples to technical services

Manufacturing Plant For Plymazia


The factory covers an area of about 40000㎡ and is distributed in three areas, making full use of the cost advantage of the place of origin.
Standard SOP production process, so that every process of product production can accurately control quality.

High Quality Manufacturing At Scale

The key to our successful high -quality products is optimized SOP processes and facilities and 30 years of industry experience

Meet Plywood Production's Next Big Thing

plywood & eco-friendly board remains unlimited, so do your business, and our technology. Our company was formed because we saw a seed in the industry, and we assembled the best team and machines to serve our customers.

Its hard to know who you can trust with your business. We know it and we always try our best to help you, with our hearts and leading-edge craftsmanship. Have a deeper look into our story.

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Daily output

Production process of raw materials for plywood veneer

The bottom veneer of particle board substrate

Upper UV spray line

Product Production And Quality Control

Show how our plywood is sorted through raw materials and produced industrially.

Due to the limited content displayed on the website, please contact us for OSB / MDF/ Particle Board and other product production processes.

Processing and sorting of raw materials

After log processing, the materials are divided into first class, second grade and third grade.
Classified processing according to customer requirements, the higher the grade, the better the material.
The joint will be filled manually below level 2, and the mixed production of materials is never allowed in Plymazia, which will be related to the quality of the products.
Therefore, it is absolutely undesirable for many factories to use mixed materials in the sorting process to reduce costs.
Plymazia will tell you what materials your request corresponds to, and we will never do anything against our reputation.

Plywood processing and production

Here we can see that two places are very different from those in the industry.
One is full core cutting, the other is machine cutting, which has the advantage of greatly avoiding the gap in the middle of plywood and professional spinning glue thread, which can ensure the pressing effect to maintain clear lines and leveling performance.

Finished product

We can roughly see our control of the quality link in the production process, and the details and vision of the finished products have been well verified.

The finished products of different products will be inspected again after they are exported, and the quality inspection center will need to send an electronic notice before they can leave the warehouse.

Pre-Delivery Inspection & Packaging

QC team will check the cargo piece by piece and test in our lab.Testing report is issued to customers together with QC pictures including size,

     thickness,  moisture content , edge treatment, package and etc. Loading will be done only after customer’s final permission. 

The Process Flow & Duration Estimation

After receiving the order, we estimate the delivery time according to the situation of material preparation, production, quality inspection, etc.

If you’re in a hurry, we can finish 20,000 boards in 7 days.

Step 1 : Material Preparation (1 days)

This involves processing high -quality raw materials and core plates, such as coating or decorative surface/core materials. The duration depends on the specifications and other requirements of raw materials.

Step 2 : Core board for the second processing (0.5 days)

Quality inspection of core boards, overlapping, second processing

Step 3 : Panel and core board synthetic processing (1-2 days)

The plywood synthesis will be processed according to the number of customer customization, decoration, Kinds and specifications. (Mechanized production cannot only produce only one customer product at a time)


Step 4 : Cut the semi -finished product (0.5 days)

Repair the surrounding plywood wool


Step 5: Finished product output & QC (1 days)

After output the finished product, conduct QC test


Step 6: Waiting for quality inspection (1 -7 days)

FSC, CE, AS/NZS 2269, ISO, we all have these, specific countries have different requirements (about 1-7 days).

Local address

Cao County, Heze City, Shandong Province

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